Bricks come in very handy for all kinds of projects, in a farm they are very handy for planters, sheds, storage houses, houses, outhouses, etc. Bamboo and other materials can be used for many construction projects, but what if you don’t have any bamboo yet? Learning how to make your own bricks with local materials is a valuable skill and it is quite simple.

The easiest way to make a homemade brick is to use a wooden mold, basically a box into which you fill your adobe, cement, sand, or whatever material you use. Once formed, the mold is removed, and the brick is left to dry.

The next, more productive method is the CEB (compressed earth brick) machine, please watch the videos below for real-life examples.

Brick Materials

Bricks can be made with either:

  • Sand and cement
  • Clay, straw and cow dung
  • Cow dung only

The easiest bricks are made of sand and cement, and they are already waterproof and very durable. The other kinds of bricks require waterproofing, or a waterproof plaster. We recommend that you make several of each, and see for yourself what suits best for each case.


Homemade bricks

Cow dung bricks

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