Kṛṣṇa means “The all-attractive”. How can someone be all attractive? First of all, if one is very wealthy, if he has great riches, he becomes attractive to the people in general. Similarly, if someone is very powerful, he also becomes attractive, and if someone is very famous, he also becomes attractive, and if someone is very beautiful or wise or unattached to all kinds of possessions, he also becomes attractive. From practical experience we can observe that one is attractive due to (1) wealth, (2) power, (3) fame, (4) beauty, (5) wisdom and (6) renunciation. One who is in possession of all six of these qualities at the same time, who possesses them to an unlimited degree, is understood to be Kṛṣṇa. And because of this, there cannot be two Kṛṣṇa’s, there is only one, without equal.

Sometimes the Vedas are confused with modern hinduism, and thus considered polytheistic. But this is far from the truth, the vedas only consider one Supreme person, but, just like any important person in this world, there are delegates, secretaries, servants, that work for Him. Those secondary persons, are also important although not in the same position as their master. These delegates sometimes referred to as demigods in vedic scriptures, are in charge of different universal functions. It is common to see in worldwide cultures the worship of the “sun god”, or the “moon god”. These demigods are not  the Supreme Personality of Godhead, but simply delegates of Him, because they are also powerful, sometimes people think they are Supreme.Kṛṣṇa visited this planet 5000 years ago, during the times of the great world war in the battle grounds of Kurukshetra, India. He stayed on this earth for 125 years and played exactly like a human being, but His activities were unparalleled. All His activities are very sweet and of deep significance, and it is a great fortune to be able to read and learn about those activities even today through recorded vedic scriptures.

The world-class teacher Śrīla Prabhupāda has written a very nice summary of Kṛṣṇa’s activities in the book commonly called the “Kṛṣṇa book” which you can download for free.


KṚṢṆA BOOK – Free download

For literally thousands of years, the vedic literatures have represented a vast treasure house of knowledge and delight for millions upon millions of readers. Unfortunately, many of the most interesting of these ancient Sanskrit texts have remained inaccessible to the modern reader in the West – that is, until now.

This book contains an original account of the extraordinary pastimes of Krishna, who appeared on this planet 5,000 years ago. Absorb yourself in its pages and come directly in touch with His marvelous characteristics and glorious deed. Join Krishna in a long-forgotten time as He enchants all the residents of the magical land of Vrindavana and simultaneously battles a fantastic array of enemies wholly bent upon His destruction.

Sri Krishna’s pastimes are not only charming, fascinating and highly entertaining but are full of deep philosophical wisdom and insight as well. Anyone who takes the time to read this one-of-a-kind book will be impressed by its relevance to contemporary human concerns.

Back in 1970, the author commented: “Whoever reads it will become a devotee of Krishna.”

Download “Kṛṣṇa Book” (English version)

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