The great epic Rāmāyaṇa is the history of Lord Rāma’s activities in this world. The stories are not fiction, but actual events that happened long time ago in this planet. For example, a great bridge was made to cross the ocean, which traces of it still remain today!

He who listens every day to this oldest epic, composed by the sage Vālmīki, which is calculated to bestow religious merit, renown and longevity, and which lends support to the Vedas, is completely freed of sin. Those listening to this epic will receive from Śrī Rāma all the boons they desire.

One who keeps a copy in his house will find all his obstacles coming to an end. A man offering worship to and reading this historical work is completely rid of all sins and attains a long life; all the gods are thus pleased and one’s ancestors are gratified forever.


Animated Ramayana movie

This movie is not fully accurate and incomplete when compared to the original scripture, but it is a very well-done piece of art that works as an  introduction to the pastimes of Lord Rama.

After watching the movie, it is highly recommended to read the scripture which contains so much more detail and depth.

Ramayana TV Series

This TV series made in India is a very well done work based on Valmiki’s Ramayan and Tulsidas’s Ramcharitmanas, as well as Chakbasta’s Urdu Ramayan.

This is much longer and much more detailed than the animated movie. In total 300 episodes of 20 minutes each. Although it is very difficult to keep the loving exchanges and mellows intact to the original scriptures, the overall performance is of great value. There are some sections which are blatantly rasa-abhasa, or perverted from the original pastimes of Lord Rāma, specially towards the last section of Lava-Kusa pastimes, but one can easily skip them without hurting the overall story.

As always, reading the original scriptures will deliver a flawless flow of mellows, which is rarely achieved in movies or TV series. But in particular, this TV series, is recommended because it gives deeper insights of vedic culture in practical applications as it was long long ago.


First 32 episodes:


Episodes 33-300:

Ramayana Ebook – Free download

English version

Ramayana by sage Vālmīki – Narrated in english without Sankrit by Kṛṣṇa Dharma dasa

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