Varṇāśrama-dharma – The ideal human society

Varṇāśrama-dharma – The ideal human society


According to vedic standards, every society in the world has four varnas or classes of men:

1) Brahmana (Highly intelligent)
2) Ksatriya (Government, administration, protecting society)
3) Vaiśya (Agriculture, cows and business)
4) Ṣudra (Servant, employee)

These four social categories are already occurring everywhere regardless of political rule or economic model. We all fit into one of these (although most people don’t know which one).

This arrangement is extremely useful in developing or starting new communities worldwide. Why do we need to start communities? The main reason is that society world-wide has become very degraded. Food available in markets and stores is degrading quickly also. In order to successfully practice and live up to vedic standards one needs a peaceful environment suitable for advancement in human life. Since these kinds of places are very rare, most of the time they must be created.

So, how do you know which category do you belong? There is a very simple way to know using the astrological science of the vedas called Jyotish (please look below for instructions). It is a very good starting point. Then, with practice and introspection, one can fully be convinced of which is the role that will make one happy. If we try to perform other roles, we will continuously find that we are unhappy.

When a group of people get together to work, each one will perform their duty very nicely, and the interactions will be very smooth. Currently societies worldwide have these orders totally reversed, the sudras are the leaders, and brāhmaṇas are employees, this is very chaotic!

The day when every part takes its proper place, that day we have re-established a Varṇāśrama-dharma society, the ideal human society. The society where everything is purposed for the service of Kṛṣṇa.

Proposal for devotee communities

Instructions: How to calculate your own varna

In order to calculate your varna and gana, you need to obtain two things from your astrology chart:

1) The name of the moon naksatra at birth.
2) The quarter or pada within that naksatra. A number from 1 to 4.

Here are two free pieces of software that you can use to find them:

Gcal – Vaiṣṇava Calendar (Using the Appearance day calculation option in the menu):

Jagannatha Hora: Vedic Astrology Software (Entering your birth data to calculate your chart):

The easiest method is to use the Gcal software. Choose “Calculate appearance” within the calculate menu. Type in your birth data, and then within the results look for these two:

Naksatra Uttara-phalguni
Naksatra Elaps. 35.38%

That means that your moon Naksatra is “Uttara-phalguni”, and 35% corresponds to the 2nd quarter. If it was 65% it would be the 3rd quarter. And 80% would be 4th quarter.

Lastly, then download this file where it gives the naksatras and their associated varnas and ganas (on the first tab):

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