Vedic Agriculture


Vedic agriculture is the science or practice of farming, including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide milk and other products. Its main characteristic is that it is based in 100% natural organic materials.

At the core, the vedic lifestyle is about becoming self-sufficient. Everyone should own a little bit of land in which to grow food, have a few cows, and be able to solve the basic necessities of life: food and shelter.

It is an urgent need in the current world situation since most food produced today is heavily loaded with pesticides, hormones and other chemicals that are heavily toxic to humans and nature. On top of that, preservatives and other chemicals added to food sold in stores which make food even more toxic.

In order to produce your own food you will need two items, land and cows. Ideally these two within a  location with tropical or temperate weather. It is very difficult to live in locations with extreme weather, and we suggest to leave those and move to places where it is possible to take a bath all year without the need of fossil fuels.

The Perfect Soil

The soil is the most important factor for any kind of farming endeavor. Because of this, most of our endeavors will focus on the quality of the soil. The better the soil, the easier to grow any food will be. Cows play an essential role in this area since their dung/poop is the best source of organic matter and beneficial bacteria.

In the following video we show the dramatic difference that five kinds of soil can have over the same seeds:

The Perfect Soil – Real results

Once you have “The perfect soil” (cow dung soil), gardening becomes very easy. Of course, there will still be other challenges, like weather, pests and so on, but a healthy soil will make your plants naturally strong and resistant to challenges. Here’s a video that show different examples of plants growing in cow dung soil:

How to plant



Sugar Cane

Sugar Cane Juice