Ghee / Ghī – Clarified butter

Ghee / Ghī – Clarified butter


Ghee is clarified butter that is obtained by processing cow milk.

How to make ghee procedure:

1) Get raw milk.
2) Boil the milk
3) Add curd/yogurt once it cools down to 110ºF/44ºC. Half a table spoon per liter.
4) Wait 8+ hours for curd to form. Leave it in a warm place
5) Churn curd.
6) Skim the butter. Add cold water to make separation easier. You can offer the buttermilk to Kṛṣṇa by adding a little sugar and Tulasī leaf.
7) Make ghee. Heat up in pan slowly, remove foam on top, and take out of heat when ghee is clear and before solids burn. Filter through a coffee filter.
8) Offer to Kṛṣṇa

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